Our design experience encompasses sewer collection systems, advanced wastewater treatment facilities, residuals management and handling and water reuse.
     The fundamental is to select the most appropriate design with cost-effective and sustainable water and waste water or sanitation treatment system. It also provides the basics on technology selection and costing also engineering economics for evaluation, comparison of the different treatment or system alternatives and target to any regulatory requirements or customer expectation.
     We have significant expertise in all facets of water and wastewater system and treatment covering scopes from compliance evaluations to turnkey delivery of completely operational facilities.


     Before a project starts, planning on installation is importance to determine the responsibilities for specific work of the plumber, the electrician, civil and other contractors. We believe the good installation team who understand the water and waste water procedure with experience can understand the functions to create the quality installation work effectively


 Water and waste water system may need an upgrading and renovating system based on several reasons. Most of reasons which we support and service:

  • Regulation or law
  • Under design for existing system
  • Equipment shelf life
  • Production expanding
  • Business growing
  • Odor issue
  • No primary treatment


     Commissioning is a set of activities used to ensure the validity of the components of the system and verification of its equipment including all mechanical, electrical and instrumentation devices and ensure sustainability  of  the process for satisfactory operation of the whole system , usually it is the last phase of any project before the handover to the owner and directly  after the completion of all civil and mechanical construction , commissioning team takes responsibility after handover from the quality control department but it can start also more earlier and  in parallel with the construction schedule to measure the validity of all equipment  and pipes one by one , it can  carried out by the owner ,  main contractor or by special entities for some sensitive equipment.
     To ensure problems are minimized during the operation of new water treatment plants, the commissioning phase should not be underestimated. In practice, the commissioning process comprises the integrated application of a set of engineering techniques and procedures to check, inspect and test every component of a water treatment plant. This is from individual functions, such as instruments and equipment, up to complex items such as modules, subsystems and systems. There are 3 phases which we do, pre commissioning, commissioning and trail operation, all these key elements are the same and applicable in wide broad of industries like petrochemical plants, refinery, power station, gas, waste water, reverse osmosis and water treatment plants, they are the same in all industries and with some limitation and adaptation to fit each one.


     Beginning with preconstruction, we ensure our quality and safety measures are embedded in every aspect of our wastewater and water treatment plant construction projects. By building water treatment and reclamation projects right the first time, we are better positioned to deliver on time and on budget — if not ahead of schedule and for less than expected.  


     We provide solution treatment on several sections:

  • Cooling tower treatment
  • Boiler treatment
  • Waste water
  • Raw & pretreatment
  • Recycle water treatment
**Please contact us for site survey with solution treatment analysis for you.


     A good feeding system control is helping program result meet the expectation. If your feed system is not designed properly, chemical control will not working through the specifications. The chemical levels are often above or below program specifications and operating costs will probably be excessive. Some of the effects from poor chemical control system:

  • high chemical costs (overfeed)
  • high labor costs due to manual operate
  • risk of severe damage to process equipment and shut down due to poor control
  • inconsistent product quality and electrical costs due to energy loss
  • high corrosion rates and resultant equipment maintenance and replacement

     A significant investment in a chemical feed system can often be justified when compared with the high cost of these control problems.


     At the beginning, it is essential for investors, customers and project developers to check project ideas for feasibility, and to identify the technical, operational and economic conditions of a project in good time, with sufficient accuracy before making investment decisions. In addition, impacts on the environment and society have to be clarified and approval criteria assessed correctly.
     We provide advice and support for the development of new project ideas.

  • Concepts and purpose
  • Site survey
  • Feedback
  • Feasibility studies with budget estimation 

     We also offer training seminar to our customers on pretreatment, water, waste water system plus monitoring and testing to support you and your team to have a better plan, operate successfully.


We support full range of engineering service:

  • Consulting
  • Utility Operating service
  • Lab analysis
  • Waste water operating and service